Escape the Airport: Top Things to Do Near Stansted for Every Traveler

Things to Do Near Stansted

Escape the Airport: Top Things to Do Near Stansted for Every Traveler


Are you bored of the usual routine when you get to the airport, take a cab, and go straight to where you need to be? If you’re at Stansted Airport, there’s good news – there’s much more to do around here than you might realize. Whether you have a lot of time between flights or want to make the most of your time near Stansted, Skyways Cars offers different activities for all travelers. We will provide all the information about Things to Do Near Stansted.

Top Things to Do Near Stansted for Traveler

Discover the Old Village of Thaxted

Just a short drive from Stansted is the lovely village of Thaxted. Full of history, this medieval village has cute half-timbered houses, a beautiful guildhall, and a stunning church. Take a relaxed walk along its cobblestone streets, explore the Thaxted Windmill, and enjoy the timeless beauty of this English countryside treasure.

Thaxted’s history goes back to the 14th century, and its well-preserved buildings give you a fascinating look into the past. The guildhall, with its unique timber framing, is a tribute to medieval craftsmanship. While strolling through the village, you’ll discover historical sites and a lively community that adds to the charm of Thaxted.

Explore Mountfitchet Castle and Norman Village

History enthusiasts and families will love a trip to Mountfitchet Castle. This living history museum takes you back to the time of the Normans. Walk through the recreated village, explore the castle grounds, and meet some live animals. It’s a fun and educational experience suitable for everyone.

The Norman Village at Mountfitchet Castle gives you a natural feel for medieval life. Everything is recreated carefully, from the busy market square to the detailed castle. Interactive demonstrations and educational programs make this attraction enjoyable and a great learning experience, especially for younger visitors.

Hatfield Forest

Nature enthusiasts will love the peacefulness of Hatfield Forest, one of the last medieval hunting forests in England. Just a short drive from Stansted, this National Trust site is a getaway from the busy city life. Take a relaxed stroll, picnic near the lake, or enjoy the beauty of ancient woodlands that have been around for a long time.

Hatfield Forest is more than just a pretty place. It’s a living example of why protecting biodiversity and ecosystems is essential. Walking along the well-kept trails, you’ll encounter various plants and animals. Birdwatchers, especially, will find the forest a haven for different bird species.

Bicester Village

If you enjoy shopping, Bicester Village is a fantastic place for you. It’s a designer shopping paradise about an hour’s drive from Stansted. Treat yourself to retail therapy as you explore high-end boutiques offering discounted luxury brands. With plenty of dining choices, it’s not just a shopping spot but a whole day of enjoyment.

Bicester Village isn’t just a regular shopping center; it’s an entire experience. The beautifully designed streets, lined with boutique stores, create an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity. From well-known fashion brands to up-and-coming designers, the village has a collection that caters to various tastes. After a day of shopping, the numerous cafes and restaurants allow you to relax and enjoy delicious food.

Saffron Walden

Book lovers will enjoy Saffron Walden’s charming market town. Explore its rich literary history at the Tourist Information Centre and visit cute bookshops amidst lovely medieval buildings, offering a delightful cultural and intellectual getaway. Saffron Walden’s love for books is evident in its bookstores, each with its unique charm.

These shops cater to reading tastes, from rare editions to the latest bestsellers. The tourist Information Centre is a great resource, guiding visitors to literary landmarks and explaining the town’s historical significance.

Head to Audley End Miniature Railway

Families and those young at heart can have a wonderful time at the Audley End Miniature Railway. On a miniature steam train, take a scenic ride through the beautiful Audley End Estate. The magical woodland, tiny villages, and the overall whimsical atmosphere will enchant both kids and adults.

The Audley End Miniature Railway is more than just a train ride; it’s a journey into a magical world. The carefully created landscapes, with miniature villages and charming details, transport visitors to an imaginative realm. The staff’s dedication adds to the experience, ensuring that every ride is not just a trip around the tracks but a memorable adventure for visitors of all ages.

Great Dunmow

Every journey is finished with savoring local food, and Great Dunmow offers plenty. This market town boasts a range of pubs and restaurants serving delicious British dishes. Whether you’re looking for classic fish and chips or want to try contemporary culinary creations, Great Dunmow is a paradise for food lovers.

Great Dunmow’s food scene mirrors the diverse flavors of modern British cuisine. Whether you prefer the warmth of traditional pub dishes or the innovation of trendy eateries using local ingredients, there’s something to suit every taste. The town’s friendly atmosphere and welcoming locals add more enjoyment to your culinary adventure.


For a seamless and pleasurable experience, venture beyond the terminal and explore with Skyways Cars if you have additional time at Stansted Airport. Travelers seeking history, outdoor activities, shopping, or leisure might find something to suit their interests near Stansted. Make the most of your time in this vibrant region of England by transforming your layover into a mini-adventure. Every tourist will have a fantastic time thanks to the variety of alternatives, which include miniature railways, medieval villages, and more.


Q1: How far are the recommended attractions from Stansted Airport?

A1: Attractions like Thaxted, Mountfitchet Castle, and Hatfield Forest are all located within a short driving distance from Stansted Airport, making them easily reachable for travelers with limited time.

Q2: Are these activities suitable for solo travelers or families?

A2: The suggested activities suit various travelers, including solo adventurers, families with children, and even those traveling with elderly family members. Each recommendation offers something enjoyable for everyone.

Q3: Is transportation readily available to explore these nearby attractions?

A3: Yes, Skyways Cars provides convenient transportation services, making it easy for travelers to explore the attractions near Stansted. Whether you prefer a private car or shared transport, options are available to suit your needs.